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«Μεγάλες Χαρές, Μεγάλες Στιγμές Ευτυχίας»
03 – 20 Μάη 2011
Χυτρών 30, Μέγαρο Τοφάρκο, Τ.Θ. 22146, 1518 Λευκωσία, Κύπρος. Τηλ.: 357-22300150 Φαξ. 357-22300100

Orpheas Gallery October 2009

Anna has her first Personal Exhibition which ended in great success.

Orpheas Gallery 2009

Anna’s has a Group Exhibition 50 X 50 at Orpheas Gallery

Orpheas Gallery 5@ 2008

After the huge interest and success of her first exhibition Anna was invited to have another one at the Orpheas Gallery.

Orpheas Gallery 2008

Art Exhibition of 50 X 50 paintings

Ayia Napa 1999

Anna took part in Group Exhibition which showed patch work and graphics

Ayia Napa 1999

Anna worked in Ayia Napa for several years drawing portraits of peoples profiles.


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